A Simple Romantic Dessert

Valentine’s Day is coming up and for those impressive people, you’ll make something for that special person in your life. Even those who don’t have special people in your lives, then you’ll need these treats to make yourself feel amazing on Single Awareness Day! any other day that you might want a dessert. I know that many of you may feel like baking something is way too hard since it’s such an exact science, but this recipe is really simple and super delicious.

Valentine’s day desserts, even in the nicest restaurants, are basic in its nature.  Every girl loves chocolate, well at least, most girls do. Trying to impress your guy?  I will admit I wooed my boyfriend with a bit of baking – it’s never a bad thing, girls. You know that saying – “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach“. It’s very true, but most girls are so impressed when a guy can cook (or bake) for them. (more…)

Back home for Homeroom

Back home to the States, though I’m kinda sad and going to be missing the Netherlands for a while. There is one thing, we actually looked forward to. The grand opening of the Homeroom.

Pulled from my Yelp Review “Homeroom is a restaurant that dedicated to Mac n Cheese! We first noticed Homeroom from Eat Real Festival, even with such a big event they made themselves known. We had some of their delicious Spicy Mac. Me and my brother couldn’t contain our excitement for Homeroom to finally open! Homeroom is very community oriented, it’s very much the story behind Homeroom, everything from how they got started out to picking out the furniture for the restaurant. Even the ingredients, drinks, and etc are pretty much all from Northern Cali. Homeroom is located in a interesting neighborhood. It’s actually quite a quiet area for a restaurant. Parking actually isn’t that hard to find even though it’s street parking.

“My brother was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-opening party and so I came along with him. We were able to meet the two co-owners, they were extremely nice and we chatted for a few minutes. We were able to try out the three mac and cheese offer that evening. The Trailer Mac, which I think will be a favorite among kids, sliced hot dogs cheddar, and then topped with some potato chips! Cacio e Pepe with a smooth cheese and peppercorn. And lastly my favorite the Mexican Mac from the evening, a chipotle flavored mac and cheese. It definitely tasted very mexican and I love the citricy from the lime and the spiciness of it all. I liked it so much that I had a second helping of it. And to wash it all down I ordered a Drake’s Hefeweizen Beer. It’s a light smooth unfiltered beer.

Mac the Goat

“We came on a last Thursday and were were lucky enough to come after the rush. I ordered Mac the Goat and a Bloat. If you are a cheese lover, I highly recommend Mac the Goat especially if you like goat cheese. The cheese in it was absolutely heaven! It’s a simple mac and cheese with scallions and topped bread crumbs. It was great, but since it’s a cheese dish I got full quite quickly.

“Moving on to the sweet Bloat. The Bloat is a beer float consisting of the dark beer, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, and some Three Twins Ice Cream. The strong taste of the beer surprisingly compliments the ice cream in the bloat. For those who thinks Old Rasputin might be too strong for them, I would still recommend giving Bloat a try. We also had some cookies and brownies. The chocolate chip was delicious it actually has a nutty aroma to it but I can’t put on my hand on what it is. The brownie is nice a moist and sweet. There was also Homemade Oreos which is very soft and sweet also.” We’ll definitely back for more with the goal of the whole menu.