Fresh Cherry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Whenever I go to a grocery store or even farmers markets, I look for a great deal for fresh fruits. This time around, I went into Safeway and found fresh cherries for about $2 a pound. The great thing about fresh fruit is that it’s juicy and a really great cupcake topper. I made these cherry cupcakes thinking that it would be easy to find a recipe. Instead, I found a great strawberry recipe that I replaced the strawberry with cherries. (more…)

Brunchin’ Caffe 817

Brunch is very much breakfast with the very high quality protein meal with the casualness of lunch. Most recently, Caffe 817 hosted a little food blogger brunch and bubbly meetup for food blogger.

Emily and Scott working over the counter.

The restaurant was officially closed on Sundays but they were opening their doors for food bloggers to taste some of Caffe817 breakfast offerings. I was lucky enough to get invited thanks to Paula whom also contributes to Oakland Local. During this event, I was able to meet a number of food bloggers from the Oakland area and grabs a few delicious bites. (more…)

A Simple Romantic Dessert

Valentine’s Day is coming up and for those impressive people, you’ll make something for that special person in your life. Even those who don’t have special people in your lives, then you’ll need these treats to make yourself feel amazing on Single Awareness Day! any other day that you might want a dessert. I know that many of you may feel like baking something is way too hard since it’s such an exact science, but this recipe is really simple and super delicious.

Valentine’s day desserts, even in the nicest restaurants, are basic in its nature.  Every girl loves chocolate, well at least, most girls do. Trying to impress your guy?  I will admit I wooed my boyfriend with a bit of baking – it’s never a bad thing, girls. You know that saying – “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach“. It’s very true, but most girls are so impressed when a guy can cook (or bake) for them. (more…)