Discoveries of 2013

Delicious discoveries since the new year….


Craftsman and Wolves


Old Fashioned from Hog & Rocks

caramelized hazelnut financier

caramelized hazelnut financier from Craftsman and Wolves


Matcha Green Tea Strawberry Shortcake from Hopscotch


Corned Beef Sandwich from Percita Park Cafe


Garlic Pork Flavor Ramen from Ramen Dojo


Mini Pie from Pietisserie


Bibimbap from Bob’s House

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You will want to get INNA Jam

Photography by CatalepsicFox: JamesMNgo Photography

Tayberry Jam

I first heard of INNA Jam when I got a grilled cheese sandwich from Homeroom and i bought my first jar from Eat Real Festival. Ever since I absolutely love their jams. their most popular jam is their jalapeño jam, its actually surprisingly mild with a tiny sweet kick.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Homeroom (Oakland, CA) featuring INNA Jalapeño Jam

I’m never known to like to eat fruit. I do however like fruits when it prepared in different ways. Put it in a smoothie, ice cream, cake, etc, I will eat it. For that reason, I explore the many ways to enjoy fruit in its ripen sugary forms. One way is when it’s preserved and jacked up with plenty of sugar. INNA jam is one of my current obsessions. INNA jam sources local fruits in creating their jams, their’s always made in small batches. Moreover with the love from the community, their new commercial kitchen is crowded funded excessing the goal via kickstarter. Since then, their beautiful new kitchen is now produces delicious jars of jam.

Like a good bottle of wine, each jar is simply labeled and where it is sourced. You may find buy their jars in selected retailers including BiRite Market and Whole Foods. Of course, INNA Jam can be enjoyed in many places besides straight from the jar. INNA Jam is also features in many different restaurants in throughout the bay area. You can check it out on their website.

Mornings will never be the same

Delicious Shortbreads from Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

As everybody know, I’m a huge coffee nut. Though, I dont particular know much about coffee. I just love my morning joe. It must be a dark rich grind pour over. And when I heard that Blue Bottle Coffee offers free public cupping in their Oakland Headquarters, I just had to go. A cupping is like a tasting and evaluation method used as to how wine tastings work, you will find a lot of parallels between the two. I learned so much during the cupping and enjoy my morning coffee so much more.

I also wanted to try their delicious fennel and sea salt short bread because I saw it featured in Bon Appetit Magazine.

Brunchin’ Caffe 817

Brunch is very much breakfast with the very high quality protein meal with the casualness of lunch. Most recently, Caffe 817 hosted a little food blogger brunch and bubbly meetup for food blogger.

Emily and Scott working over the counter.

The restaurant was officially closed on Sundays but they were opening their doors for food bloggers to taste some of Caffe817 breakfast offerings. I was lucky enough to get invited thanks to Paula whom also contributes to Oakland Local. During this event, I was able to meet a number of food bloggers from the Oakland area and grabs a few delicious bites. (more…)